Plastic Solutions

Our business is conceiving, engineering and manufacturing extrusion plants for the flexible packaging industry. The concrete experience in this sector allowed us to mature a deep knowledge on the production of multilayer plastic film production, too.


On the basis of this awareness, two critical points to solve come to light:

  • Winding techniques;
  • Energetic yield.

The target of Extech is solving and optimizing those aspects by exploiting the direct collaboration with our Customers in order to obtain the final result as quickly as possible.


We are pleased to present our HI-TECH LINE, designed to meet the needs of manufacturers of polymer separators for lithium-ion batteries. The choice of the arrangement of the coextrusion line with all its auxiliary components, allows us to obtain the following advantages:

  • Reliability of operation;
  • Use of an automatic thickness adjustment system ;
  • Electrical/electronic equipment located in suitable areas not subject to vibrations, and with easy access for maintenance operations;
  • Wide operational spaces ;
  • Ease of intervention for filter changes;
  • Feeding of raw materials to the hoppers with gravimetric dosing systems.
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We conceive and manufacture parts for cast film lines, circular head (blow) and bi-orientation (blow).
All our products are designed and conceived to obtain optimal performances minimizing maintenance times and costs.
Thanks to our experience we can develop personalized solutions for our Clients.

The range includes:

  • Reel manipulators at line end;
  • Circular extrusion heads;
  • Pre-heating and bi-orienting tunnel;
  • Stretching groups for bi-oriented blow film.


Winders for Cast Stretch films

Width 1.500/4.000 mm
Production speed over 600 m/minute
Mechanical speed up to 800 m/minute


Winders for PP films

Width 2.000/3.700 mm
Speed up to 400 m./minute


Special winders for high-thickness film

For rigid calendared PVC
For calendared plasticized PVC
Width 1.500/2.400


Co-extrusion heads for 3-5-7-9-11 layers


Stretching groups for blow bi-oriented blow film


Coextrusion group Extech Energy Saving
Special winders for small reels

Width 1.500/3.000 mm
Cycle speed 25 seconds


Special winders for bi-oriented film

Width 1.800/3.000 mm
Speed from 5 to 250 m/minute
Winding diameter up to 800 mm


Revolving unwinders and winders for Extrusion, Coating and Laminating lines

Width from 1300 to 1800 mm
Reel Ø from 1500 up to 1.500 mm


Pre-heating and bi-orienting tunnel


Chilling rings for blow bi-oriented films


Extruder Extech Energy Saving


Air knives


Recovery and regranulation systems for Cast plants


Study and reverse-engineering in case of missing designs
Assembly of reels-changing devices with electrostatic adhesion (instead of glue) and cross slicing


Study and realization of changes and upgrades on existing equipments




  • Conceiving and manufacturing of spare parts;
  • Research and supply of parts on the market;
  • Scheduled services of planned maintenance;
  • Supplementary maintenance;
  • Advice and intermediation for selling the second-hand equipments.


Extech Energy Saving Project


To address the current needs of energy-saving and environmental protection. (continua)


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